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Snowmobile Restrictions at Summit Huts
The White River National Forest Travel Management Plan is now being implemented and includes snowmobile restrictions on both Spruce Creek and Crystal Lakes Road.  This means there is no longer any snowmobile access to Francie's Cabin.  Violators are subject to fines by the Forest Service, regardless of the absence or presence of signs. Please be aware of the restrictions in place by reviewing the Travel Management Implementation Website.

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You can reach us at:

Summit Huts Association   
524 Wellington Rd.   P.O. Box 2830   
Breckenridge, CO  80424

Office hours vary, please call or email before stopping by to be sure someone will be in. 
Updates and Upcoming Events
Summit Huts Association operates four backcountry cabins in Summit County, Colorado: Francie's Cabin, Janet's Cabin, Section House, and Ken's Cabin. This is the place to learn more about Summit Huts - the cabins and the organization. 

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Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Francie's Cabin's 20th Anniversary at Carter Park on July 27!  

We had a very successful event celebrating a very successful cabin! Francie's Cabin is one of the most popular huts in the state of Colorado. Since opening in 1995, Francie's Cabin has been visited by over 60,000 guests. 

Summit Huts is excited that one of the major projects for this fall will be a window upgrade at Francie's that should be completed in time for the winter opening, but the weather is going to need to cooperate!

A BIG thank you to Upslope Brewing Company and Whole Foods Market for their sponsorships the event. 


Winter 2014/2015 Dates
All huts open Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Section House & Ken's Cabin close April 30
Janet's Cabin & Francie's Cabin close May 9 

Summer 2015 Dates
Francie's Cabin July 1 - September 30
Janet's Cabin July 15 - September 7
Francie's Cabin 20th Anniversary Celebration Photo Gallery

Volunteers Needed for Summer/Fall Volunteer Weekends!

Francie's Cabin - August 15 & 16
Janet's Cabin - September 18-20 (date change!)
Section House/Ken's Cabin - October 3

Learn more or sign up to volunteer

Volunteers ready the old log splitter to be flown out. SHA photo
Theme of the weekend - volunteers and a big pile of logs! SHA photo
Volunteers taking a refueling break at the hut while the helicopter does the same at Copper Mountain. SHA photo
Trans Aero Helicopter. SHA photo
Colorado Trail through the Guller drainage. SHA photo
Helicopter shuttleing nets of wood from behind hut to front for processing. Andrew Woods photo
Janet's Cabin Woodstove & Interior. Andrew Woods photo
Janet's Cabin Kitchen. Andrew Woods photo
Volunteers hiking out along the Colorado Trail. Andrew Woods photo
Made it! Volunteers at Copper Mountain on the way home. Andrew Woods photo
Janet's Cabin Heli Day 2014 Photo & Video Gallery

Read the Summer 2015 newsletter here

Please note that all huts must be reserved in advance either by calling (970)925-5775 or booking online. There is no permanent staff at the huts and each group must have a confirmation letter with the hut combination in order to gain access. Hut guests may encounter maintenance staff and/or volunteers occupying the hutmaster quarters at Janet's Cabin, Francie's Cabin or The Section House.